Velan ABV offices

Who we are

Velan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves, recognized as a standard-bearer in quality and innovation. The company, founded by the entrepreneur A.K. Velan in 1950, provides valves for the most demanding applications such as power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals and cryogenics services.

We as Velan ABV focused our effort providing advanced engineering solutions in the Oil&Gas sector from the extraction to the transportation of Crude Oil & Natural gas following customer requirements and international Standards.

Our flexible and dedicated team provide innovative and reliable valves offering the optimal solution in terms of safety and reliability of systems being suitable to withstand the most demanding situations.  The excellence of our service is due to the combination between our extensive experience and the continuously improvement of our processes by using the most advanced technologies.

Velan design and built top quality products in high pressure with an emphasis on weight and space savings, low emissions, safety, on-time delivery, easy in installation, low maintenance and long and reliable service life.

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Our vision

Delivering value through performance

Delivering value means to provide highly advanced solutions to our customers and anticipate their needs. Furthermore, we embrace the challenge to generate and control energy in increasingly remote areas without impacting environment. Protecting the earth and oceans.

We see our valves as crucial components in current and future systems for energy flow control. We aim to be pioneers of future technology, drive the innovation improving people’s lives and ensuring the safety of the planet for a green and better world.

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Our mission

Quality that lasts

For driving future challenges, our mission is more than a corporate slogan, it’s a daily business imperative that drives our design, production, testing, and service. Our constant commitment allows us to keep promises to customer to support his growth, reduce cost of ownership and, ultimately, to his satisfaction.

We always aim at improving our skills and optimize our resources to reach and exceed customer expectations. We focus on continuous evolution of engineering technology, the most suitable raw materials and the careful selection of the best suppliers for the desired results.

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Our values

Honesty and Integrity towards Customers, People & our Planet

We conduct our business according to the principles of honesty and integrity in the best interests of the customer. Responsibility and Ethical Behavior are key words for us. We are open to sharing our competences with our clients and inspiring their trust at every stage of the projects.

By living our values, ​​we lay the foundations for improving the future of the planet and people. We apply the principles of honesty and integrity for the environment protection.  We ensure our commitment to reduce our global footprint by selecting low-impact environmental solutions, using less and recycled materials, optimizing the manufacturing processes to minimize emissions and wastes year over year.