Design & Innovation

Our engineering team is completely dedicated to the development of new products and techniques that meet both the current requirements of the market and clients emerging needs. Research and Development is a key part of the engineering services we provide and include technical project management, design and analysis, standard and customized experimentation work, performance evaluation, and turn-key support from project initiation to program completion.

Design and innovation
120 Years

of global team experience

7k Designs

project customized

50k Combinations

of valves design available

desigmn & innovation a deep know-how

A deep know-how

Facing new challenges for the main players in the oil & gas market enabled us to gain a deep mastery of customer specifications. We can say our designs are in accordance with the following specifications:  

  • EP-GIS 62 for BP
  • TR2000 for EQUINOR
  • SPE 77/302, SPE 77/200, SPE 77/312  for SPE MESC
  • GP 03-87-08, GP 03-12-09 for EXXONMOBIL
  • GS EP PVV 142 for TOTAL
  • S-563, S-562 IOGP


Design & innovation success trough co-engineering

Success through co-engineering

Through working together with our customer’s engineering team, we establish a collaborative and successful working relationship which is the key point of our success. 
From the initial stages of a project our engineering group assists and supports our customers specific needs. The products developed by our team are carefully tailored to each customer’s requirements especially for severe service applications. We consider severe services as the most interesting industry challenges,and our customized solutions provide an even greater benefits to our clients.
As a result, we never stop seeing new challenges as a great opportunity to satisfy customers needs. 

Design & innovation technical documentation & analysis tools

Technical documentation & analysis tools

The design of our valves is always supported by technical documentations and analysis tools to demonstrate the quality and reliability of our products. 

  • Blast load
  • SIL
  • Thermal analysis
  • Valve stress analysis by “Design by analysis (DBA)”
  • External loads stress analysis 
  • Fatigue analysis calculation
  • Seismic calculations
  • Flow dynamic analysis CFD for inline performance prediction of our check and control valves
  • Structural analysis (FEA) for an optimal contact surface between seat and ball of our trunnion metal seated ball valves
  • Thermal analysis for compensating thermal expansion of our trims in high temperature service
  • Thermal analysis for proper dynamic sealing selection of our cryogenic valves 


Design & innovation striving for innovation as primary goal

Striving for innovation as a primary goal

What we really see in valve future generation? Our team of experts is continuously working for the analysis and the implementation of innovative solutions in Valves technical field.

For the future, we will be able to develop optimal systems to forecast potential external leakages, we will be able to design new tools to measure valve and actuator performances in real time. We will develop equipment for having all the information of the installed valve. We will always ensure the highest safety level of the systems in which our valves will be installed. 

Some key success stories

Lightweight and compact design for offshore environments

Lightweight and compact design With several years of experience in the design and production of high-pressure ball valves for offshore platforms and FPSO, we have developed a new generation of compact valves offering a competitive solution in an ever-expanding market that faces technical and economic challenges.
High pressure compact valves have the same reliability and quality of a traditional ball valve but with significant space and weight savings. From 2016, more than 900 compact valves have been supplied in many FPSO’s in Brazil and in several platforms in Canada and we expect to do more and more in the future.

Smart and innovative design for onshore environments

Smart and innovative design for onshore environments We provide optimal solutions for many onshore applications such as production facilities, pipeline transmission systems and compressor stations. We perfectly understand the requirements of challenging projects and we always support the client to develop safe and cost-effective solutions. From wellheads to the transportation of crude oil, we provide reliable and safety valves with innovative designs suitable to withstand extreme conditions achieving the best system performance.
The Special Top Entry Control valve is one of the most innovative valves we realized during this year. The valve has been provided as Anti-surge valve in a process plant in Russia achieving a successful result. Another key success in our business is the design of Innovative seats in traditional ball valves leading significant cost savings for customers.

Cable drive actuators to overcome limits of traditional systems

Cable drive actuators to overcome limits of traditional systems Patented in 2014, The Revolutionary cable drive actuator for on/off and Control services overcomes the disadvantages of a traditional Scotch Yoke design under fast-changing and demanding control conditions. The highly efficient transmission system shows a linear torque characteristic, ensures low friction, as well as exhibiting zero backlash throughout the entire stroke. These key features enable accurate and precise control in highly dynamic processes and under the most demanding conditions.