Cable drive actuator


as per API 6DX  EN15714; as per ASME VIII


Acid environment
High and cryogenic temperature


Standard: -29° to 100°C (-20 to 212°F)
Low temperature: Down to -60°C (-76°F)
High temperature: Up to 148°C (298°F)

Design Pressure

Pneumatic cylinder: Up to 12 barg
Hydraulic cylinder:   Up to 210 barg 

Torque range

Linear up to 100.000 Nm

Supply media

Instrument air
Hydraulic Oil

Types available

Pneumatic single and double acting
Hydraulic single and double acting

Testing & Certification

IP66 per EN60529 (IP68 on request) 
Compliance with PED 97/23/EC
Compliance with ATEX
SIL Certification 

Velan ABV’s innovative, patent-protected cable drive actuator maintains the robustness and the reliability of traditional scotch yoke actuators, while offering a revolutionary transmission system based on a smart and simplified design. The system converts the cylinder’s linear motion into a quarter-turn rotation by creating a constant transmission ratio and constant mechanical efficiency along every stroke. This design is based on an innovative concept using two metallic, anchored cables to drive a pulley–resulting in less components, less friction and less maintenance while cutting costs and improving performance. 

In addition, the cable drive actuator is the only actuator on the market that can be regularly inspected with its critical parts in operation and without shutting down the system. During the stroke, 30% of additional torque is achieved. As a result, smaller actuators can be selected for the same application at a lower capital cost. Linearity, high efficiency, zero backlash and reduced lag in hysteresis are essential requirements for accurate position control.