Quality System

At Velan ABV our focus is to continuously improve our skills and optimize our resources, in the design and production of valves, actuators, and control systems with a commitment to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  We have adopted a Quality Management System, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, API Q1 9th Ed. 2013 and European Directive 2014/68/EU, industry standards and requirements, in order to achieve our goals.

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ABV quality
20 Years

of QMS implementation

170 Years

of global team experience

99.8% FPY

over the last three years

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Compliance of products to specific requirements

  • On time delivery

Growth and development
  • Competence and awareness of people

  • Safe and respectful behavior in ethics and environment

  • Seize opportunities

  • Prevent risks

  • Continuous improvement


High level of tracking and Inspection

Using the most effective quality control methods and processes during all stages of manufacturing are key to our ability to provide the best products and services.Each component used within our manufacturing cycle is uniquely marked with a Material Identification Number (MIN) creating a link between the valve part and its certificate for easy traceability.

We continually invest in the latest machining and tool technologies resulting in increased efficiency in control methods, elimination of re-work, and more on-time delivery, which enhances the quality of each product.
We have reached 99.8% First Pass Yield Testing as a result of our advanced method of design, manufacturing and valve assembly.

NDT certified personnel

At Velan ABV, we have a team of professionals certified in Management and quality control and qualified as per ASNT SNT-TC-1A or ISO 9712.  Nondestructive testing (NDT) on valve components is performed in-house, and is in compliance with all the major international standards:

  • VT visual tests
  • PT dye penetrant tests
  • MT magnetic particle tests
  • UT ultrasonic tests
  • LT leak tests (fugitive emission test)
  • PMI Positive material inspection
  • RT can be carried out by qualified suppliers

We use the latest technology in 3D measurement solutions to maximize the efficiency in our processes. The use of Measuring Arms and 3D digitalization software easily compares whole surfaces directly with the 3D CAD drawing by touch or by laser scanning techniques.

Following inspection, valve assembly begins in one of our in-house dedicated workstations with equipment with the following lifting capabilities and valve size ranges:

  • 2000 kg for valve sizes 2-8“
  • 60 tons for valve sizes up to 56” using a crane.


All Velan ABV valves are 100% tested and pass through several stages of quality control, then final inspection. We have our own independent in-house testing areas to satisfy international standards and specific project requirements.

We offer a unique safety protection system that allows employees to verify testing without external exposure, avoiding potential injuries.

We have advanced bench technology using touchscreens, preset schedules, monitors, and webcams allowing users to check testing offsite including WIFI access for the client as well.

Testing Benches for Hydrostatic - Pneumatic - Gas

We carry out hydrostatic, pneumatic and gas testing on the following benches:

  • N° 2 Horizontal benches for sizes up to 56”
  • N° 2 vertical multiple (3) port benches for sizes up to 8”
  • N° 3 horizontal bench for sizes up to 24”

Mandatory tests

  • Hydrostatic shell test
  • Hydrostatic seat test
  • Stem backseat (for gate valves)
  • Drive train strength test (for API 6DSS)

Supplementary tests

  • Low pressure gas seat testing type I & II
  • High pressure gas shell and seat testing
  • DBB: Double block and bleed test
  • DIB-1 & DIB-2: Double isolation and bleed test
  • Cavity relief test
  • Torque or thrust functional test.

If required, the gas test is performed by submerging valves up to 24 inches in a tank of water.

Horizontal test bench for valves up to 56”

  • Maximum reaction force: up to 2600 tons
  • High pressure liquid test: 0-700 bar
  • Low pressure high test: 0-7
  • High pressure gas test: 468 bar
  • Analogical and electronic leakage measuring system

Sand slurry test bench

  • In accordance with API 6AV1 for sand service design validation in Class II and Class III.
  • Class II to validate valve bore sealing mechanism if substances such as sand can be expected to cause safety or shutdown valve failure.
  • Class III adds additional requirements and validation of the bonnet assembly inclusive of stem seals.

This consist of 2 x 25-hour test, which measures the viscosity level, uses a sand slurry mixture flowing through the valve for 500 open/close cycles ensuring the acceptance criteria of zero leakage.

Our complete range of API 6A trunnion valves achieved zero leakage qualification requirements after design validation was successfully conducted in accordance with the standard, on a 2 1/16” Velan ABV API 5000 trunnion ball valve.

Fire safe test bench

  • In accordance with API 6FA/607: Standard for fire test valves
  • For valves up to 8” ASME 1500: qualifies valves 8” and larger.

Valves are placed under pressure (75% of the max. working pressure) and withstand a fire (temperatures 760°C- 960°C) for 30 minutes.

The fire test validates the valve design under extreme conditions in accordance with the international standard API 6FA and 607.

Hyperbaric chamber

  • In accordance with API 6DSS – Specification for subsea pipeline valves
  • For valves 2–6”, ASME 150-ASME 2500 with pneumatic actuator.

The valve and actuator are tested in a hyperbaric chamber as a single unit. Our hyperbaric chamber is suitable to simulate the operating conditions in water depth up to 2000 meters (6,500 ft).

High and low ambient temperature test bench

For valves up to up to 20”, we can simulate the valve and actuator installation within a specific application.  
The test bench has a temperature of -50+ 50 °C and the condition of the valve during testing can be seen with a webcam.

Cryogenic test bench

The Cryogenic test bench is set up in accordance with BS 6364 standard specification for valves for cryogenic service up to 24” and temperatures down to -196°C.

For size over 24”, we rely on other specialized equipment for critical tests performed in accordance with BS 6364 standard and specific other project specifications.

These qualification tests are followed in accordance with ISO 15848-1:2015 Industrial valves – Measurement, test and qualification procedures for fugitive emissions.
All testing is in accordance with the international standards.

Actuator performance test bench

  • In accordance with EN 15714-1:2009
  • In accordance with EN 15714-3:2009
  • Dynamic performance test in accordance with to ISA 75.25.01

Performance tests are carried out on Velan ABV’s Cable Drive Actuator to ensure to ensure high product quality and reliability.   

  • Torque Characterization test is performed to measure the actuator’s torque versus angular stroke, for a fixed value of the supply pressure.
  • Endurance test is performed to accurately estimate the actuator’s working life under fixed operating conditions.
  • Dynamic performance test correctly measures important dynamic parameters such as hysteresis and dead band.
Final inspection

Final inspection

Once our valves have gone through all of the above testing procedures, they go through a final inspection process that includes: cleaning, preservation, preparation, tagging, and packing before shipping to the customer.